Negocenter-Julián Camarillo

Negocenter Julián Camarillo is an stablishing office developed in its entirety by NIO (Negocenter Implantación de Oficinas – Negocenter Stablishment Offices).In some cases, some of our clients require an independent office of our business centers. NIO is in charge of knowing what you require to make your ideal office a reality. We find an office rent appropriate to what you are looking for, and we take care of realizing the office project from scratch. We set up your office with the distribution you require, and we make to measure the installations to give you a solution, turnkey, maintaining the established time limits. You will enjoy your new office fully equipped and ready to work in it:

  • Communications: cabling, switchboard, connections…
  • Cafe and rest aereas
  • Executives offices
  • Labour offices
  • Meeting and training rooms
  • Technology infrastructure: hardware, IT consulting, software, networks. IT security…
  • Datacenter or CPD

And if you want, we attend to the management of your office:

  • Secretarial work
  • Cleaning
  • Computer services
  • Maintenance
  • 24-hour security